PM SUMMIT Lisbon 2022 was a great event!

The PM SUMMIT Lisbon 2022 took place from the 21st to the 24th September and we’re still resonating the impact of such great multi-event.

These four days brought together brilliant speakers, both established and new voices, that inspired and thought provoked the audience regarding our individual responsibility to build the future now.

It was reinforced the relevance of having a positive attitude, thinking as a PM and acting as an owner, developing power skills to be a change maker, including being prepared to deal with instability and the unknown, capable of visualizing the future, managing stakeholders effectively, solving complex problems and co-creating sustainable solutions, delivering value to the organizations through people, people, people!

Project Management hard skills were also at the heart of the conference as they are foundational and certainly hygiene factors to lead any project. Planning, managing risks, monitoring, and controlling create conditions to be proactive, aligned and be able to adjust effectively with the end in mind.

We co-learned through experience and leveraged on panels with a diversity of perspectives, interactive games stimulating cognitive and creative thinking, case studies, pair and group dynamics with much fun!

It was discussed the importance of sensing and adapting, of using tools including AI responsibly and as they fit and being opened to dance. Are you willing to dance?

Every day we experienced “a good day” and shared the belief that tomorrow would be a better one!

To make today a good day and tomorrow a better one, let’s focus our energy into our circles of control and influence. Are you prepared to walk the talk and be the servant leader and the change maker you want to be?

Last but not the least, we thank all the volunteers that made it happen and the sponsors engaged as this grand event was only possible with all of you.

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