Art & Science of Project Leadership events

Art & Science of Project Leadership events

PMI Portugal celebrates 20 years, and we recognize that leadership is relevant for the journey, in the present and in the future.

The world is ever more dynamic, complex and uncertain and Project Managers need to grow to be able to continue to effectively contribute to the organization, the community and the society.

Project Management is technical and human, is structured and dynamic and requires both cognitive and creative thinking.

Under the umbrella of Art & Science of Project Leadership, we’ll provide to the Project Management Community in Portugal the opportunity to dedicate quality time to co-learn during several in-person events.

We’re actively working to deliver a set of events including the Annual Conference on the 12th & 13th October in Lisbon and a range of powerful Workshops.

Four hands-on full-day workshops will take place in 2023:

In Lisbon

  • PM Fits by Ricardo Vargas on the 25th May
  • Emotional Intelligent Project Manager by Lysa Morrison on the 26th May

In Oporto

  • Uncertainty Cycle by Ricardo Vargas on the 9th November
  • Empower the Change Leader by Cristina Barradas on the 10th November

More news will be available soon! Stay tuned!