Ethical influence is powerful!

Lysa Morrison

This week, we had another PM Talk and were privileged to listen to Lysa Morrison about Influencing within Project Management. We loved the talk!

Project Managers do not usually have hierarchical power and must leverage on influencing skills, on ethical influence.

We started with the Why, thinking about reasons and benefits of influencing. Persuasion, leadership, conflict resolution, networking, collaboration, teamwork and personal development came out as key.

We reflected about the Emotional and Social Intelligence Competencies and the twelve building blocks organized under Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management by Goleman and Boyatzis. We understood that all starts with Self-Awareness and Influence is at the top of Relationship Management.

We learned about the seven influence principles by Cialdini, organized in a pyramid where Cultivating a positive relationship is at the basis, Reducing uncertainty at the center and Motivating action at the top.

We listened to Lysa saying that establishing trust is a precondition of influence. And it was amazing to find out about the trust formula!

Lysa highlighted and reinforced the importance of authenticity, building trust, creating conditions for win-win and ethical influence.

We’re grateful that about 80 people within our community of Project Managers joined and thrilled by the possibility to contribute to inspire all through reflecting about Influencing.

We’re amazed by the fact that there were people joining from different continents and a range of countries including Sweden, Finland, UK, Brazil, Mozambique and of course different points within Portugal.

Thank you all!

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