Let’s talk about Ethics!

Lets talk about Ethics!

This week, we had an amazing PM debate about Ethics in Project Management.

We’re grateful to Giusi Meloni that facilitated with mastery a panel of four renowned global speakers Dan Conrad, Fabio Rigamonti, Nicos Kourounakis and Simona Bonghez.

We’re thankful to the four speakers that brought us enlightening metaphors, stories and experiences that provoked our thinking.

We retained that we must talk about Ethics and openly communicate about it. We’ll keep in our memory the images of the Jenga game and the Compass.

We reflected about the world not being black and white and also not so grey, being fundamental to critically think and question.

Three key questions were suggested as a frame for reflection: is it legal, is it balanced and how it makes me feel about myself.

Within projects, conflicts of interest are common, and we must engage in quality thinking, questioning and dialogue to decide the best way forward.

We reflected about the importance of values and of ‘being’, the need to ask for help and engaging into open discussions about complex issues.

The feedback of our audience was excellent, and we thank all for your presence and contribution.

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