Project Leadership is being re-engineered!

À la rentrée, we had a magnificent PM Talk about The difference you will make as a leader-coach and why it immensely matters to you and the future.

We were privileged to listen to Jean-François Cousin and are very thankful for the thought-provoking and inspiring talk. We listened to Jean-François telling beautiful stories, we watched insightful videos, and we learned through listening, observation and emotion!

We reflected on how leadership is being re-engineered and the fact that Leaders’ job descriptions got more challenging. The relevance of concepts such as a global mindset, collective intelligence, disruptive creativity, agility and energy were discussed.

We concluded that the ability to unlock collective intelligence, instill disruptive creativity, and lead collaboratively must be at the heart of Leaders, Project Managers and Change Makers’ agenda.

Collaborative and agile leadership are core competencies for high performance in a fast-changing world. A collaborative leader brings out her/his best, other’s best, team’s best and organization’s best. An agile leader is eager to learn, keen to experiment, comfortable with the unknown, able to learn from mistakes, and is also a versatile thinker and a courageous decision-maker.

Coaching contributes to enhance situational and self-awareness, to develop solutions, to ensure actions are taken until success is met and, to increase confidence and autonomy. Coaching skills are fundamental for consultants, leaders, project and program managers that deal with people, clients, team members, suppliers on a day-to-day basis.

We’re grateful that more than 70 people within our community of Project Managers participated in our first PM Talk at lunch time. Obrigado to all and to Jean-François!

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