Art & Science of Project Leadership in colors

The live graphic recording was fascinating!

The PMI Portugal Conference ART & SCIENCE of PROJECT LEADERSHIP took place on the 12th and 13th October 2023 in Lisbon, and it was amazing!

We’re grateful to UpSideUp for the eight amazing live graphic designs that were built during the conference. We’ll share all the graphic designs, one at a time, in the following days.

The first graphic design relates to the opening and the closing of the conference and captures the essence of the PMI Portugal Mentoria testimonials.

The conference was co-hosted by Cristina Barradas and Eduardo Espinheira. In 2023, PMI Portugal celebrates 20 years and the PMI Portugal board decided to choose Art & Science of Project Leadership as the main theme. Together with a dream team and renown speakers, we co-created the conference for the Project Management Community.

It was amazing to welcome all the participants after we sold-out the conference and it was fun to get to know who was in the room and learn from each other in a collaborative environment.

Frederico Carvalho and Nelson Lopes shared their testimonials about PMI Portugal Mentoria. As per their feedback, it was a great journey with a perfect match where courage, trust, learning and transformation marked the experience.

Lee Lambert, PMP founder, closed the conference with humor and much energy. The room stood up to applaud him.  Thank you all again for the positive contribution and interaction!

Now, we can choose to go back to normal after two great days or to make changes based on what we learned. What are you doing?

Good things happen when we get involved with PMI Portugal

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