Thank You All!

We loved meeting you at the Conference!

The PMI Portugal Conference ART & SCIENCE of PROJECT LEADERSHIP took place on the 12th and 13th October 2023 in Lisbon, and it was magnificent!

It was extraordinary to meet around 160 people willing to learn and contribute. The topics were relevant for the present and the future. All the speakers were amazing, thought provoking and inspiring!

The dynamics were designed to allow questioning and experiential learning. The environment was welcoming, collaborative and festive. The World Café was WOW! All participants contributed to learning together and to co-creating the future.  

Aiming higher when facing the challenges and the opportunities of a fast-changing world where AI is a reality, we grabbed the opportunity to explore art and science, focus on people and leadership and unlock power skills.

Within Project Management, it is essential we learn to unlearn and that each of us is willing to grow, be agile and make things easy to be able to navigate complexity. We must prioritize cultivating active listening, effective communication and building meaningful connections.

When we embrace curiosity, through practice and commitment, together we can transform the way we do things, make things happen and have a positive ripple impact.

Experiencing the PMI cultural values along the way was very special. The interactions with the audience, the live graphic design, the fado, the 20 years’ awards, and the ID badges with wildflowers’ seeds for each of us to plant and nurture after the conference added a special touch to these beautiful days.

We now have much to reflect upon and put into practice!

Thank You All that made this beautiful journey possible and these two days amazing!

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