How AI will transform Project Management

How AI will transform Project Management

AI is here and we all must unlearn and learn!

The PMI Portugal Conference ART & SCIENCE of PROJECT LEADERSHIP took place on the 12th and 13th October 2023 in Lisbon, and it was magnificent!

We’re privileged to listen to Ricardo Vargas, with whom the PMI Portugal partners for many years. Ricardo shared his perspective on how AI will transform Project Management.

AI is a revolution and is here to stay. AI will impact humanity profoundly. It will take 41% of the jobs as they exist today. This generates fear and a range of possibilities that require us to be creative.

Gartner says 80% of today’s PM tasks will be eliminated by 2023 as AI will take over. Technology will soon improve project selection and prioritization, monitor progress, speed up reporting, and facilitate testing. How are you getting acquainted with AI in your day-to-day life?

Project managers, aided by virtual project assistants, will find their roles more focused on coaching and stakeholder management than on administration and manual tasks. Project Managers must rethink their jobs and commit to unlearn and learn.

The world is ever more volatile and complex. When we think we have all the answers, life comes and changes all the answers. How are you planning to develop your new role and build capabilities to excel at it?

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