World Café

Fostering creativity and co-learning

The PMI Portugal Conference ART & SCIENCE of PROJECT LEADERSHIP took place on the 12th and 13th October 2023 in Lisbon, and it was magnificent!

We had a great world café thanks to the contribution of ten great facilitators and 150 participants that engaged in co-learning and co-creating. We started with five questions:

  • What are the Trends in Project Management profession?
  • How to manage Change within projects?
  • How to create psychological safety within the project Team?
  • How to create conditions to count on active project Sponsors?
  • How will Artificial Intelligence impact Project Management?

We benefitted from the journey, enabling key competencies in a trustworthy environment, being challenged by the dynamics and building on each other’s ideas.

We unlocked collective intelligence, and it was beautiful to observe people’s positive behaviors and willingness to contribute. A superb range of insights were generated!

Project Managers will train themselves and the teams in the effective use of AI and will grab the opportunity to think strategically and to be more people oriented as AI will release time.

Project Managers are willing to embrace change and the unknown with curiosity. We will all invest time in self-development and learning how to create a psychologically safe environment where values and “soul” power skills play a significant role.

Project Managers are committed to keeping in mind the purpose, communicating clearly and effectively. We dare to envision and create a better future together. It’s time to take responsibility for projects’ success, focus on creating value with a sustainable impact.

What are you doing and would like to celebrate? What are you planning to start doing?

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