Uncertainty Cycle by Ricardo Vargas

Uncertainty Cycle by Ricardo Vargas


The environment is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA).


Help your company navigate and manage uncertain environments, allowing for adaptation, growth, and, above all, agility in transforming your business. Learn an innovative process of managing the unknown through an iterative and agile model.


Explores concepts of PESTLE, scenario thinking, DevOps, business agility, and SAFe® (ScaleAgile Framework).

Target Audience

For executives, strategic planning teams, investment planners, risk managers, digital transformation leaders, and project managers. All who are involved in activities needing quick assessment and decision-making to respond efficiently to conditions imposed by the market and external factors.

Short Bio

Ricardo Vargas is an experienced leader in global operations, project management, business transformation and crisis management.

Founder and managing director of Macrosolutions, a consulting firm with international operations in energy, infrastructure, IT, oil and finance, he managed more than $20 billion in international projects in the past 25 years.

Former chairman of the Project Management Institute (PMI), Ricardo created and led the Brightline Initiative from 2016 to 2020 and was the director of project management and infrastructure at the United Nations, leading more than 1,000 projects in humanitarian and development projects.

He wrote 16 books in the field, has delivered 250 keynote addresses in 40 countries, and hosts the “5 Minutes Podcast,” which has reached 12 million views.

Ricardo holds a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, a master’s in industrial engineering, and an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering.